IELTS courses at B.U.S are designed to guarantee all students achieve the IELTS target score. Additionally, students are constantly assessed so that they can monitor their progress in all four skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing). By the end of the courses, if a student fails to achieve the score, he/she can have the IELTS test fee refunded or repeat the courses with no charge.

Achieving your target IELTS score depends on your preparation and familiarity with the test. The courses at B.U.S are fashioned in a way that gives students practice on all four sections (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing) of the test. Each course at B.U.S includes the following components:

o An overview of IELTS in order to learn about the test and test format.

o Practice on strategies and question types.

o Useful tips to prepare for the test.

o Tricks to help avoid common mistakes.

o Feedback on writing and speaking practice from experienced teachers.

o Revision of necessary grammar to achieve the target score.

o Techniques to improve test-taking fluency.

o Practice in all four skills.

o IELTS practice tests to provide an insight into your progress after every 16 hours of each course.

o Organize free grammar and vocabulary classes every weekend.

o Free tutoring sections for students if necessary.

Our teachers

You will find that B.U.S is different from other language schools in many ways. Perhaps one of the most important areas is your teacher. He/she is a dedicated English language training professional, who is committed to helping you progress as much as possible during your course. Our teachers are all holders of recognised English language Teaching qualifications and are able to provide students with useful advice on achieving your IELTS target score.

Our customer care

At B.U.S we work very hard to ensure that all customers are satisfied with our lessons and our customer service. Our team of Course Advisors in Front Office are always ready to consult you about any future study plans that you may be considering. Our Academic staff will also visit your class frequently to update you with information related to your course.